domingo, 24 de septiembre de 2006

Reseña de Wilder y Yellow6 en Losing Today !!

Contento mi amigo Yellow6 me avisa que hemos salidos reseñados en el último número de la revista Losing Today ¡!.... comentan nuestro split!..... buena onda…


Wilder Gonzalez Agreda / Yellow 6 ‘Split’ (Superspace). Ultra limited split - and when I say ultra limited I mean ultra ruddy limited - just 30 - yes thirty copies of this little beauty - as rare as hens teeth but well worth taking the time to try and track down. Pairing together Singled Out favourite Jon Atwood or as he’s better known to the musical community at large Yellow 6 with Peruvian pioneering electronic whiz-kid Wilder Gonzalez Agreda for a spot of am orphic aural atmospherics. Sadly no information on Wilder Gonzalez Agreda though I’d like to hazard a guess that the more in-tuned among the electronic fraternity will no doubt already be on to this and more besides like a rash. ’Overdose of Pills’ is a desolately landscaped spectacle of obtusely abstract modular rhythms, a fluid yet sparse droning suite of long travelled intergalactic transmissions whose origin has since been forgotten and whose sender since lost to extinction, both alien in design and cold in texture it takes its cue from the early career outings of Pimmon and the Radiophonic meets noise manipulation inspired EAR, all at once unsettling yet strangely calming this measured slice of hypnotic diode chattering and circuitry conversation bleached through with hazed interference slowly terra-forms across its 12 minute aural cycle sounding towards the close like an army of crickets partying hard beneath the thickening quilt of the summer nights - kettles, toasters and other household electronic appliances will be suitably aroused and no doubt smitten by it all. Yellow 6 by contrast does what Yellow 6 does best - that being carving out monolithic slabs of desolate magnificence. ’Red’ for the most part recalls the quieter calm before the storm moments of Roy Montgomery’s 1999 set ‘True’. The theme provided here is that of seclusion, Atwood bathes ’Red’ with his trademark cavernous craft, atop the barren widescreen backdrops of droning keys, delicately drawn chords sombrely marshal the voids below over a setting of stilled splendour and beauty, glacial in texture and spatially knowing no bounds or limits ‘Red’ filters as though through a small frozen element of time and space stretching and expanding that brief minute moment transforming it forevermore in a state of elegiac suspense. Quite beautiful. Superspace@peru.com




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