viernes, 12 de octubre de 2007



hay un rumor en Lima... que ya tiene días girando... se trata sobre la probable visita del músico psicodélico Pete Kember (a.k.a. Sonic Boom)... al parecer él dará unos recitales en Diciembre en Chile y está interesado en visitar nuestro país también... ojalá se logre concretar esta visita... que desde ya sería otro hito de la década... pensar que este año comenzó con la visita de Waters...ja!... ¿terminará con la de Sonic?... past and present... Gaia nos coja coloreados.



Hi Folks,

I'm just back from tour in the US, Norway, France & Canada and am off to Madrid for a show on Saturday 13th of October, plus an appearance at Kings Heath, Birmingham on 26th October.

Europa: I'm looking to finalise & fill in for the UK & European SPECTRUM tour (performing Spacemen 3 & Spectrum material old & new ) for NOVEMBER & DECEMBER. If anyone still wishes to book any shows or is able to assist us with agent or show / promoter / venue help in Italy, Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Norway or Sweden - pretty much anywhere in Europe....... it'd be much apreciated. Please contact me at sonic@sonic-boom.info

South America: There is some talk of shows in Chile & South America in mid December. Again, if anyone has any useful leads for us in Chile, Peru, Brazil etc. for shows or press it is much appreciated & helps no end.

Japan, Australia & New Zealand: We're currently talking to several folks in Australia & Japan about shows, but again are looking for more shows and any help that anyone might be able to offer in that direction.

Anyone not yet signed up on my new OFFICIAL SPECTRUM MYSPACE PAGE at http://www.myspace.com/spectrumofficialpage or on my general page http://www.myspace.com/sonicboom, please sign on in order to get the full bulletins.
Please note - the so called 'official Spectrum Fan page' is nothing to do with me & is certainly not official in any way. If you are signed on to that site you will not get my updates. They seem particularly uninterested in posting info on my shows & events. Please send me a friend request & I'll add you forthwith.Thank you to everyone who came to the recent shows. It's been fun getting back to the Spectrum & Spacemen 3 material again.

I'm looking forward to taking the stuff out to Asia & other points mentioned above this year & next and look forward to meeting up with some of you.over & out

Sonic boom

Website: http://www.sonic-boom.info/




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