miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

Mind Expansion digital compilation 2 OUT NOW !!!!!

Hey space-rockers, a great new!!!

MIND EXPANSION from Detroit has just released a new sampler of neo-psych and spacey bands from all over the world, caves and scenes on their bandcamp site.
You can download it for free or you can kindly pay some money too. 
The new Mind Expansion release has some obscure bands as well as well known acts like Sonic Boom and Delia Derbyshire, Füxa, The Telescopes, Ectogram, LSD and The Search for God, Bardo Pond, etc. So here on PeruAvantgarde we encourage you to spread the word about this new milestone everywhere, everytime. 

Be hyperreal phorever))))))))

"...I'm happy to report that this release will be available tomorrow and is 4 hours of some of the greatest music/acts out there at the moment in my opinion. This release is a free/donation based release. I humbly ask that you give what you can if you can. The music industry is a stiff kick in the face on its good days and that is putting it as sweetly as i can. I also ask that you give generously to any band on this release that you feel inspired by. I can't tell you what a thrill it is in the middle of a shitty work day to get a notification on the phone that says you have a few bucks for something you worked on with such great passion. It really means the world to us all (as it would to anybody) to know that our efforts are appreciated and valued as well as the hope to potentially have the ability to continue that we love so dearly, which is creating art and entertaining you. all the very best from detroit space rock city!"


a real psych Fest by dreamy and trippy avant souls!!!!

psych fests? nah...there's enough of those. 
this is DETROIT SPACE ROCK CITY! we choose to go to the moon!

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