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NYC's MALKA dream big and deliver in debut EP 'The Constant State'‏

 NYC's MALKA dream big and deliver in debut EP 'The Constant State'

"Very soundtracky experience. Redolent in many ways of Gong and the whole European freer and communal music movements, including Krautrock... gives the impression of a phantom poppy edge, like a comp of the hits all these bands had back in the day...in an alternative world :-) there is a Mogwai vibe too, but fresher somehow" - Joe Foster (Creation Records)

FOR FANS OF: Pale Saints, Lush, Chapterhouse, M83, My Bloody Valentine, Explosions in the Sky

New York City-based psychedelic dreampop band MALKA present their debut EP, The Constant State. Recorded at both APT Studio (NYC) and Elohino studio (NJ), mixed by Darko Saric, and mastered at 825 Studios by Grammy Award-winning engineer Butch Jones (Madonna, Talking Heads, Iggy Pop, The Gun Club, B-52s), The Constant State takes listeners on a genre-melding journey, ebbing and flowing through the realms of dreampop, post-rock, nugaze, and psychedelic rock.

The songs are evocative both musically and lyrically, touching on metaphysical, existential and interpersonal subject matter with an honesty that resonates to an emotional core. Their music is a reflection of the triumph and tragedy of the world, compelling us to look deeper into the realms of our consciousness. Malka is trying to stretch the concept of songs to make them sound more like emotional lapses of time.

The vocal melodies assume an instrumental form and transcend language, adding transparency to bilingual Spanish-English lyrics shared between three lead vocalists.

The Constant State is on Bandcamp, as well as iTunes and streaming through Spotify, Rdio, etc. The single Mirame is available as a free download via Noisetrade at http://noisetrade.com/malkanyc/mirame

"One of the best guitar records of the year" - The Revue

"A sterling example. An impressively aggressive blast, that doesn’t shaft melody in the process. Sounds like if Kevin Shields had decided that MBV really needed a drummer like John Bonham" - Overblown Magazine

"Flows in a mystical airiness, its songs individually building in intensity throughout, choral guitars shooting for the heavens, seamless in their strumming, and the bass diggings towards an underworld unknown with its bulldozing, growling granularity" - The Deli Magazine (NYC)

“Right at the cutting edge of nugaze, moving it and reshaping it. Somewhere between Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd and Mogwai” - Producer Marc Joy (Mike Peters, Bernard Butler, Golden Fable)

"A sonic landscape full of psychedelic impressions, stunning emotive shoegaze & dreampop flair" - Del Chaney, Primal Music Blog / Primal Radio


Darko Saric– guitars, synths, & vocals
Mike Dawson– drums
EJ DeCoske– guitars, synths, & vocals
David Ciauro– bass & vocals

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