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Chrs / Sajjra. News. Nov - Dec 2015. New release and tour in France

Ṣ̵̶À͜J͞J̢̡R̵͏A - Th̴e͏ ̕S̴un҉ R̛em͢a҉in͏s̸ ͠T̢h͘e̶ S̀am͏e (2015)

'The Sun Remains The Same', NEW RELEASE of Sajjra on 12 Inch vinyl (180 gram). Limited edition of 320 copies, signed with golden ink by the artist. Golden cover in black cardboard, designed by Sajjra and silkscreened by Lillia Scheerder in Daglicht (Eindhoven, NL). Published through a collective effort of the three labels Fougère Musique (FR), Urbanoide Records (PE) and Colectivo Aloardi (PE/NL). 

Listen and see samples of the vinyl in this link
Release Concert: 25.11.2015, Villa K, The Hague, NL FB event / Sajjra site

The 4 tracks of this release go from apocalyptic noise songs with drops of tropical rhythms to ethereal, oceanic and industrial compositions. The last track ‘The Sound Remains The Same’ is an extreme trip into resonances and atmospheres of live processed guitar. Through the extreme use of an apparent monotony, Sajjra generates a continuous sound-space with a timeless effect. The physical quality of the sound will reach outside the loudspeakers, breaking down the turntable. The record is influenced by behaviors of the North Sea along the Dutch coast: an intense landscape of slow monotonous changes or constantly moving storms. Produced in The Hague (The Netherlands) in 2014, after long beach-walks. Some of the songs were already composed (but never recorded) in the beginning of the 90’s, with acoustic guitar and voice only. Sajjra’s sound has the atmosphere of the slow and heavy Andean processions, keeping the spirit of their traditional music ensembles. But Sajjra also expresses the industrial feelings, that gives his birth-town Lima. Through this mix of influences, Sajjra developed his style and keeps it shining, from his first album (2013) to the beating in ‘The Sun Remains The Same’.

Tour in France: 26 Nov. - 15 Dec. 2015:
(Sajjra will share stage with some friends: Kevin of Fougère Musique label, Heddy Boubaker, N'alov, Zoom Back Camera, Lucho Pelucho, Jacco and Niko, thanks guys!)

25/11 The Hague @ VillaK
26/11 Lille @ CCL
28/11 Peyrelevade @ Cycle "L'Ivention du Réel" (Presentation with Fougère Musique label)
30/11 Clermont-Ferrand @ Relax
03/12 Lyon @ Perrache
04/12 Nice @ BB Place
05/12 Marseille @ l'Embobineuse
06/12 Marseille (tbc)
08/12 Toulouse @ Le Caméléon
09/12 Bayonne @ Festival Apollo#4
10/12 Bordeaux @ Les Potagers Natures
11/12 Nantes @ Blockhaus DY10 - Set/30'
11/12 Nantes @ Le Chien Stupid
12/12 Rennes @ Le Synthi
13/12 Paris @ Detail
14/12 Lille @ Bar Macondo
15/12 Bruselles @ (tbc)

Some quotes from reviews about the previous album of Sajjra:
"This work takes a certain influence of the Peruvian ritual music, but not being obvious in its sound, the most important is the way that it recreates the mystical, stalking and ceremonial atmosphere of these practices through the brutality and the beauty of the noise."(Blog Latino America Shoegaze,11/01/2014)

"In several songs of the disc we can listen to sounds that seem to come from industrial machines - "Infvierno Blanco", " Flor de repulsa "- or from folkloric processions - "Fascinación" - which with the flirts with the nineties intelligent school - "Emptyreddress", "Dexamor" - or the dreamy voices of pieces like " Brilla en la violencia del verano " makes Sajjra a notable and charming disc, overflowing of genius for all the pores. A gem lost in the time of the millenary pre-columbus apus when our ancestors were learning of the wild, dirty, amoral and real nature how to connect between them and with their environment." (Wilder Gonzales Agreda, Blog Peruavantgarde. 29/01/2014)

«this debut album contains some intriguing tracks. The first track is somewhat reminiscent of music from the early days of the Swans and later Sajjra seems to hook up with contemporary sound artist as Laurent Perrier. However Sajjra has above all its own style with its stacked, distorted (guitar) sounds, repetitive rhythms and sound collages where sometimes a song comes to the surface.» (By Rob Vugs , Gonzo Circus – The Netherlands. 08/2014)

"A bit of rhythm, some guitars, keyboards and vocals may sound pop-like, but it's perhaps not really pop-music yet. That seems to be the case on the release as Sajjra. You can hear Galarreta plays with the notion of pop, but these seven pieces are not structured like a pop song, yet. It has all the ingredients for sure, but the loose structure of the pieces sees him toying around with ideas and not thinking about those great pop songs they could be. But for all I know this could entirely be the intention of Galarreta? It surely has a dark feeling to it, which might appeal those who like angst-pop and beyond. I didn't think this was bad music, far from it; I played it with great interest and enjoyed it quite a bit. The Dutch weather is grey and it drizzles all day, so it needs a soundtrack like this."(Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly 955. 04/11/2014)

"If I had heard this disc on time, for sure I had included this release as one of the best of last year, but unfortunately it was not. Somehow or other, I discovered Sajjra at the beginning of this year, and I could not shake the idea that I was facing to a great album. This is one of the many projects of the experimental musician Christian Galarreta,emblem of the noise and avant-garde music in Peru." (Mauricio Mavel,El Blog Del Bam.15/07/2014 )

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