viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

"(E)spécies" by Bartolo out now!!

"E)species has, above all, the characteristic of risking variation, giving up repetition as one of the general trends in synthesizer music today. Demonstrating technical skills and repertoire of possibilities and articulations, Bartolo structured a sonic continuum full of dynamics, passages, timbres and historical references (the Germanic synthesizer of the 70s for example), opening a consistent – and, perhaps, unlikely – path for the music of synthesizers in Brazil and Latin America."

Bernardo Oliveira 

Bartolo // 

Bartolo is guitarist, composer and producer. Throughout a twenty year career, has developed a varied work in terms of musical genres and styles, producing, playing and composing for several brazilian bands and artists. 

In the experimental music segment, created sound installations and a wide authorial phonographic production with Duplexx, in partnership with Leo Monteiro. With Duplexx, recorded one of Gal Costa’s track on Recanto (2011). Worked as music producer and composer in Grito Surdo exhibition, by renowned Brazilian photographer Miguel Rio Branco (2014). 

Recently has devoted himself almost exclusively to improvisation and composition using sound synthesis. His first solo album, (E)spécies, released by Sê-lo! Netlabel is an album exclusively on sound synthesis, recorded in real time through the manipulation of pre-programmed material in a 25 minutes-long performance. There are other releases already scheduled for 2017: Duplexx and Chelpa Ferro (QTV label/RJ) as composer and guitarist, produced in partnership with Kassin, and another solo album on modular synthesis and collective improvisation recorded both in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro throughout 2016. 

Relevant works by Bartolo can be accessed at this permanent work-in-progress archive: www.workarchive.net

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