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domingo, 21 de enero de 2018

WORM Rotterdam: an opportunity for the future

I travelled by October 2017 to Rotterdam for taking part in a residency as an artist performing and giving lectures in "Aloardi Festival, Peruvian New Music and Arts" held at Worm Rotterdam.

First thing I saw arriving to Worm in a nice neighborhood was that it was mostly made of recycling stuff, the chairs were film making chairs with wheels on backwards, the toilets made of plastic (well part of it of course), etc. It was a cool and smart concept really. The collaborators seemed very interested and passionate in the work they are doing and give you all the facilities to concrete your ideas and arts.

They also have a restaurant with vegan options and interesting drinks. It was amazing for me to discover the ginger beer. Wow I still do it at home here in Peru!! Thanks Worm!! There was also a video section for people into in strange movies of cult and a gallerie that shows to the public of Rotterdam the cutting edge of contemporary arts as you can see in Worm's prominent agenda.

The main impression Worm gave me was the music side of it. When I was in Rotterdam Steve Hauschildt (from famed avant rockers Emeralds) played a whole set at Worm. He was supported by a mindblowing italian musician. Also I could share the stage with gorgeous techno idm artist Hiro Kone from New York. Days after I left the city german iconoclast Dont DJ played at Worm too. And all these events were for free!!!

Besides showcasing weird stuff in literature, theatre, radio shows (they have a program in Concertzender) and workshops Worm also has Studio Klangendum. A space with like 40 vintage synths waiting for the residents. A paradise for electronica lovers and fetishists for sure. Worm is also the house of "Aloardi Festival, Peruvian New Music and Arts". Those days every once in a year hollanders can feel/see peruvian electronica, dream pop, folklore, plastic art, video art, philosophy and more. A project curated by Aloardi and Idraola since 2016. Man I was so honoured to take part of it and to feel the grateful of the people after my lectures and sonic performances. I wont forget!

Worm is a place for utopia, where the most transgressive expressions in arts has a space and a public willing to appreciate them. To confirm all this bla bla bla here they have just won the podium for the best place in the Netherlands at Noorderslag Festival above venues like Milkweg from Amsterdam et al. I really think that the world urgently needs more places like Worm in every fucking city or we'll end insane under the dictatorships of Trumps, Wilders (not me, ja, but the dutch fascist), Kurzs or Fujimoris. 

Are you for Real?

Wilder Gonzales Agreda.

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