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jueves, 21 de junio de 2018

A.R. Kane marks 30th anniversary of ‘69' LP and announces debut of Rudy's sideproject Jübl

“Embracing dub, soul and paisley pop, A.R. Kane pushed boundaries most of their contemporaries completely ignored” – Pitchfork
“English art music of the best quality from a band continually suspicious of what England exactly is” – The Quietus
“Ambient, psychedelic…  a love-struck fugue… they were greeted as the herald of rocks “new golden age” – Spin Magazine

"A.R. Kane would release a string of EPs that not only officially cemented dream pop as we know it (the band is also responsible for coining the term), but would also break down all rules and trappings of everything that came before. One year later, the band would blow the roof of the club scene with “Pump Up the Volume” as half of M/A/R/R/S" – Post-Punk.com

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the ‘69' album by seminal dreampop outfit A.R.Kane, originally released by Rough Trade. A.R.Kane's Rudy Tambala has announced the debut release from his new project Jübl with original Kaner Maggie Tambala and guitarist Andy Taylor.

Rudy Tambala has been performing and recording with Maggie Tambala and Andy Taylor under the A.R.Kane moniker since 2015. In May 2018, they decided to re-brand as Jübl (pronounced 'Jhuw-bahl') for the release of their debut 'Thinking Sweet' EP. This features two new songs and a 9-minute continuous mix that is celebratory, taking stock of ‘69’ and its legacy, whilst pushing into the future with a brand new face.

"The solstice has always been a special time for me, my birthday on June 20, the endless summer nights, a magical feeling from dawn right through the night. I never sleep on the solstice, stay awake for three days, 20, 21,22. We released '69' over the solstice to channel some of that energy; I think it worked," says Rudy Tambala.

"With Jübl we wanted to do the same thing, and there is a very similar vibe to this release. On solstice eve we want as many people to hear Jübl as possible, so if you buy it, we'll give you an additional code for free, to share with a friend. if you can't afford it right now, just message us and we'll get you a code. Happy summer solstice!"

While 'Sweet Dreams' is very much in the spirit of '69', ‘Thinking About You’ is a laxidasical ballad with video shot during their performance (as A.R.Kane) at the Primavera Festival. Andy Taylor sings in harmony with Maggie Tambala, this simple pop lyric tells a story of displacement, atop 808 grooves with grunge guitars, spanish guitars and twelve string with funky beats, noise and reverb.

"69 was A.R. Kane’s most innovative work, and over the years became the favorite of people that like our music. I wanted to do something for the 30th anniversary, to give back to people some of the feeling they have shared with us, and to mark the moment. We discussed remasters, t-shirts, box-sets, re-recording some of the tracks, concerts, re-mixing the entire LP, and so on, but there were ownership and rights issues that became impenetrable barriers, so I just kinda gave up,” explains Rudy Tambala.

"I realised that we could only move forward and be free from the nonsense by renaming the band, hence ‘Jübl’. From that moment on everything just clicked into place. With this release of we took two of our new songs and intentionally approached them in a manner that celebrates both the spirit and form of ‘69’”.
To celebrate both the '69' anniversary and new release, Rudy Tambala is gifting a mint condition, original, signed, vinyl of sixty nine. This rare copy has an embossed sleeve with a delicate spot varnish and the extraordinary blue inner sleeve, pressed from the scintillating, warm tape masters. The LP comes from Rudy's private collection and has been lovingly stored for three decades, as well as an extremely limited edition 'Thinking Sweet' USB box (just 20 made). Numerous free downloads of the new EP will also be  presented.

To enter this solstice lottery of Jübl Kane goodness, all you have to do is follow/Like the Jübl page www.facebook.com/jublband and share the message pinned to the top.

A.R.Kane '69' can be streamed on Spotify and YouTube. Jübl 'Thinking Sweet' EP is now available via digital sites, as well as Bandcamp. Jübl plans to release a full album later this year. 

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