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Dismantelling the scam of "post-rock" post 1996

Post-rock was a wonderful genre that appeared in the early 90's with bands like INSIDES, SEEFEEL, PRAM, MAIN, FLYING SAUCER ATTACK, DISCO INFERNO, BARK PSYCHOSIS, LABRADFORD, MOONSHAKE, et al. as the outpost of the time, a kind of "lost generation" that moved between the hypes of grunge and britpop and that, unlike these, turned all their genius to transgression of sound and of musical structures. The destination was sung from the beginning: failure in sales and groups of cult for recalcitrant music lovers.

Several of the masterpieces of these geniuses went unnoticed by the mass enthralled by the rockstars of grungy and britpoppy. We talked about documents like "Hex", "Motion Pool", "Euphoria", "Prazision", "Portal" ... It was therefore a decidedly abstract music and without room for rock poses. The sound here was the star, the musicians could go unnoticed in the streets like any other citizen.

Already by 1996 the press and some labels involved began to use the post-rock label allegedly coined in '94 by the English journalist Simon Reynolds in a review for  Bark Psychosis' "Hex" [it actually was in an interview in September 93 of Mr. Reynolds to the beautiful pair INSIDES], and then deconstructed in a substantial article in The Wire- to include in the same trunk bands of "silly fusion" -Reynolds dixit- as Tortoise and acts more related to the indie rock with fx of always: Slint, Mogwai, GodspeedYou!Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, etc.

They created a loud sonic hype hunt neophytes to scam unsuspecting clueless who would hallucinate that the most in and super risky of post-rock were the rockist journeys of GSY!BE, the distortion in shoegaze rocker manner of Explosions and a long etcetera. Some even believe that progressive rock has something to do with this!? WTF?

FLOWCHART, TRANSIENT WAVES, FÜXA, PIANO MAGIC, AMP, WINDY & CARL, MOUSE ON MARS, STEREOLAB, BROADCAST, LAIKA, EMERALDS, BARDO POND, LACKLUSTER, ISHQ, GROUPER, BENOIT PIOULARD, E.A.R. ... several of these capos are unknown by all those ignorants -there is no other way to call them- who believe that postrock began with Mogwai or with Explosions. For the worse still they don't know that in their own land, in their own country, the most transgressive sounds of "rock after rock" were already cultivated before the existence of these false standards: e.g. CRISÁLIDA SÓNICA. A slope that later became called "sound art", "noise/electronics", etc. Especially by those clinging to the ancient rock and roll.

Serve this brief post to clarify/tell the youngest, those who today are 15 or 18 years, the real history of one of the most beautiful and transgressive currents of contemporary music... The same did our mate Jack Chuter, from the ATTN Magazine website, in the book published in England at the end of 2015: "Storm Static Sleep: A Pathway to Post-Rock".


Wilder Gonzales Agreda.

Mr. Simon Reynolds says

(in no particular order, i think...)

MAIN - Motion Pool (1994)

Makes MBV's Loveless sounds like a disco from the 70's.

SEEFEEL - Quique (1993)

Sooper ethereal, minimal and mesmerising: shoegaze + techno.

Following the path of Talk Talk and adding of their own.

GROUPER - Draggin a Dead Deer Up a Hill (2007)

Liz Harris and her hipnoastral ethereal fantasies. Kranky always in the line never to the side...

INSIDES - Euphoria (1993)

Even 4AD enter to the post. Fathers of LALI PUNA.

LABRADFORD - Mi media naranja (1997)

The recalcitrant yankee litter.


Disc of the year 2013 for who this lines writes. Stellar Revolution.

MOUSE ON MARS - Vulvaland (1993)

Obviously germans couldn't not show up. :) 

SILVANIA - Paisaje III (1994) 

The best peruvian disc of all times? Easy!

ISHQ - Nutopia (2016)

Mantaining the essence!

TECHNO ANIMAL - Re-entry (1995)

To transgress was the norm for some by those years... true youth/bliss far away from refried and "youth" cultivating oldy sounds... ¡Puagh!

E.A.R. - Millenium Music (1997)

Words exceed...

Post Rock you say?

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