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jueves, 28 de junio de 2018

Novedades melómanas de Junio --- if you want more you can contribute with us too

Qué tal droners, a seguir comparto algunos de los releases que han caído por mi inbox por parte de diferentes promotores y bandas del planeta. Como es usual si alguno de uds. desea ver su banda reseñada o entrevistada en da blog ello tiene el coste de 30 US$. Buen vuelo a tod@s,

What's up droners, following its a compilation of some of the releases that arrived to my inbox from different promoters and bands across the planet. As usual if some of you want to see your band interview/review here it cost 30 US$. Good flight to all.

Prana Crafter - Enter The Stream

Prana Crafter is William Sol, a musical mystic who blends the raw energies of nature with guitars, synthesizers, singing bowls, and a dose of flow-consciousness. The resulting sonic nectar flows out from the amplifier, cascading in the mind of the listener, splashing mantras against the listener’s third ear. Some music is meant to entertain, to be consumed like flashing patterns on a TV screen. Not so with the music of Prana Crafter. This music is a sonic-tapestry of energies that are meant to envelop the listener and deliver a message that, as Sol puts it, cannot be known through symbol or through sign. Prana Crafter has released albums of kosmische flavored psych rock and acid folk on Beyond Beyond is Beyond, Eiderdown, Deep Water Acres, and Reverb Worship. Sunrise Ocean Bender and Cardinal Fuzz Records are proud to join in the journey with the psych-folk boon ‘Enter the Stream’.

Likened to artists across the psychedelic and folk spectrums—Neil Young, Popul Vuh, Agitation Free, Träd, Gräs & Stenar, Ben Chasny, Elliot Smith—Sol’s self-professed mentors-in-spirit Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, and Manuel Göttsching are present as well in familiar and surprising ways. In review it has been said that Prana Crafter’s music is “an example of psych-folk at its finest” (Raven Sings the Blues),

“like a long lost pressing from the early 70s, it’s a mist shrouded mysterious meditation” (Shindig Magazine), and even that, “few other musicians are making music as ambitious and genuine as Prana Crafter” (The Active Listener).

Sol has said he thinks of himself as a conduit for the music and ‘Enter the Stream’ once again proves it. At times highly personal and gently psychedelic, the album always wears its kosmic heart on its sleeve. ‘Enter the Stream’ is an album in the way that so many albums these days are not. Not a collection of singles, not tailor-made for an audience. This is a carefully flowing composition blooming into a kosmische-acid-folk opus. From start to finish, ‘Enter the Stream’ is a journey that takes the listener through a landscape of pristine natural beauty, human emotion, and esoteric undercurrents.


Exactly 40 years ago, on 27 June 1978, the first Pole - Mirosław Hermaszewski flew into Space. This took place on the Soyuz 30 and this is the title of maxi-single premiere we are celebrating today. Efektvol would like to pay tribute to General Hermaszewski. Apart from original version of Soyuz 30, we can enjoy remixes by Italo Brutalo and Bangkok Impact.

Efektvol - Soyuz 30
premiere: 27 June 2018

FOR LOVERS OF: Modern Talking, Francesco Napoli, Mirosław Hermaszewski
GENRES EXPLORED: Italo Disco, Nu Italo, Retrowave, Synthwave

Abstractkultur - How Many?
premiere: 27 July 2018

FOR LOVERS OF: Brian Eno, Global Communication, The Orb
GENRES EXPLORED: ambient, IDM, electronic, dub tech

Parades Against Parades - Driving Me Stoned

Parades Against Parades comes from a different place and feeling. That totally wasted and do not give a fuck sorta place. Love us, Hate us - do your best - We just don't care. A mushroom infused Rolling Stones via the Velvets? Some (early) throbbing Thee Hypnotics with a touch of Spacemen 3 (that love of Detroit Motor City). All the recordings the line up made are here for you. Suck it in kids please.

Parades Against Parades as told by Chris Laramee (Shooting Guns, The Switching Yard, Radiation Flowers and Wasted Cathedral) - 
Rock N Roll is a funny thing. Everyone wants that thrill, that rush of volume and Adrenalin running rampant through their skin like a living thing, screaming and undisciplined. I joined this band, Parades Against Parades, oh, about eight years ago. Well, bullied my way in might be a more accurate way of putting it. The original four-piece line-up was playing a Boxing day show at ye olde Jazz basement, if memory serves somewhat correctly. They were headlining a packed show, all the old friends were back in town for Christmas, and as they say, no one went thirsty that night. Parades, as I knew them previously, were a quite spastic and volatile Wire-ish style experience. They were great live, but the recordings left something to be desired. However, on this night, something else was happening – a new plan had been devised since I’d last seen them. The closest reference point I can draw from memory would be Zuma-era Neil Young doin’ a decadent closet dance with some mushroom-infused Rolling Stones groupies, and the whips were definitely out. Buzzsaw guitars slashed the jugular with barely even a nod and the group was so into it. Broken strings, broken bottles, hell, broken amps couldn’t wake them from the spell they had conjured. Hot Shit. And basically, I was down, having known most of the band socially for a few years, I told them that they needed a third guitar, and I was that man. Amazingly, they were down for a jam. 
Well, I kept showing up for jam,it wasn’t a big deal to put down the Mario Kart and turn off the Lou Reed records to go for a jam. Speaking of what was on the turntable at the time, Brian Jonestown Massacre was never very far away, Spacemen 3, The Gun Club and Howlin’ Wolf were some other hits floating about, at least in our neck of University Drive. And these influences were a very important thing, as far as I was concerned. Not to make some poor-assed record collector’s rock music, but a living thing, maybe ragged, maybe sloppy, but infused with feeling and bravado.
The recording sessions we had were ripe with this bravado, sense of purpose that we were THE ONES, that we were going to make it happen, as far as the rock was concerned. Slogging gear through a February blizzard to SJ Kardash’s studio and all five of us crowding into his recording space, hitting it live off the floor. Well, it seemed like an insurmountable thing (for us) to do three songs in one day but we got it done easy.Then we flash forward to Steve Reed’s joint a few months down the line. Frasier has left by this point and Kalon has come in to, by my estimation now a few years removed. What I remember of that night is drinking a shit load of beer and eating some 33rd Street Vietnamese food before tearing into a couple of tunes with some head-down mongering, the type usually reserved for east-side bar fights, drag strip shenanigans and heavy conversations. ‘Wasting All My Time’ was one of the tunes we cut that night. Go figure. I am clouded by many joints and left with the recordings to hold my hand through those memories.
So, fuck it. We had some great times, left some banging tunes behind us, and got out quick. Not too good for a career, but hell, whoever said there was a future in this shit? Besides, we were far too unambitious to ever consider anything beyond the next jam. But like I said we left a couple of bangers behind. 

Looks So Good, new single by psych/darkwave Los Angeles based outfit Blade Of Grass

"Looks so Good", out on April 20, 2018, is Blade of Grass’ first release on independent Los Angeles and Washington DC based label Etxe Records. 

The song has already been in rotation on influential Los Angeles radio stations KCRW and KXLU in anticipation of its release, and features the band using analog and electronic instruments to create surging waves that roll underneath hallucinatory vocals, building to a catchy dance chorus that is a psychoactive rush of sound.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Blade of Grass have been creating their psychedelic layers of swirling sound since 2015. Both of their EPs, Skydream (2015) and Eyes Like Diamonds (2016) have been featured prominently on top college and non-commercial stations like KCRW, KXLU, KEXP, KPFA, WXPN. 

pan y rosas discos release (pyr247): anna xambó - H2RI

H2RI is an instance of a generative album created by anna xambó in 2018. the 20 tracks of 1′ each have been generated using her self-built tool MIRLC, a library for using music information retrieval techniques in live coding. a basic rule has shaped the audio sources of the album: to only use of short sounds from the crowd-sourced, online, sound database freesound. each track is complemented with the code in SuperCollider and the attribution to the authors of the original sounds.

about the artist
anna xambó is a researcher and musician with a background in computer science engineering, digital humanities and digital arts. she completed her phd in 2015 (the open university), specializing in music computing and HCI, and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the centre for digital music (queen mary university of london).

her musical practice includes live coding, multichannel spatialization, tangible music, collaborative interfaces, audience participation with mobile devices, and real-time music information retrieval. she has performed internationally and works actively in the music tech and experimental electronic music scene, as a co-founder of the online music records carpal tunnel in barcelona (spain), co-founder of women in music tech at georgia tech (usa), and co-organizer of international concerts.

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