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IAN CRAUSE - The Song of Phaethon (2012)

Awesome avantgarde sounds and song by the head of Disco Inferno , Ian Crause, this time from millenarian Bolivia!!
Your soul and brain will love this muzik based on ancient greek myth.
Trip Out Beyond All))))))))))))

The Song of Phaethon, (which has been broken into 3 parts to make it downloadable) is the first of two songs which tell the story of Phaethon. 

The story, an ancient myth told in its definitive version by the poet Ovid, tells of a boy who discovers, through rumour, that his father is not a man called Merops but in fact the sun god Apollo. Upon discovering this Phaethon sets out to find the Sun's palace, which lies past India at the eastern edge of the world in order to meet his father and be accepted as his son.
The journey takes years but when he does finally arrive he decides to take advantage of his father's goodwill in granting him a wish by telling him he wants to carry out his father's daily task of flying the sun across the sky, despite this being expressly against his father's counsel as too dangerous an activity for mortals. In a clue to the allegory of the recording, Phaethon tells his father that he knows the story of the Sun falling into the world and the danger of this new journey upon which he is embarking so when Phaethon ignores his father's advice and holds him to his promise, Apollo, with great foreboding, lets the youth take the reins of the four horses and begin his ascent, which is where this first song ends.


There was less time then, this we know.
Less stars had joined that
Great revolving battleboard.
The tale is told of how a boy
Did pull the sun and burn the world
And watching stars.

The world was new, the giants gone,
The space a gift to utilise

But rotten space: a marshland bred
With rumours rife. This
Boy they said was God-child, when
This rumour never bit but kissed him
With The Truth the youth had known:
His genes were of The Sun alone,
His father was a cuckold
And his earthly life a sham.

He knew, he knew - his place was beyond.

He'd grace the Palace of the Sun
Where glory dwelled. It sat upon
The eastern edge, a beacon burning
On the black Abyss.

Firing off the sun and moon
In rolling strikes, each day and night
A golden shield of spinning light
Against terrific dark,

Lifting up the ocean moon
And ocean sun from dreaming currents
Setting them to tasks heroic,
On and up around

And every day their shadows ran
Down Asia like a lyre, strumming
Past His village, swinging down
At perihelion

To touch upon His mother's house
Then over dark and quiet woods,
Their distant hawks and watching deer
Oblivious in bending shade

Descending into seacloud mist
And down towards the gull-cloud cliffs
To tip their jewels and precious metals
Out along the sea.

So off He went and on He went
Down distant paths, through foreign years
But falling always to the dawn
Awed, He craned His neck, amazed:
Levantine cities raised themselves
Then hazed away

In dreams of sand, where sand subsumes
The earth itself and still ahead
His path led on. But falling always out of reach,
The rising sun. Into the dawn
Alone He walked.

And as He walked the mountaintops
All shook their heads and threw their
Guiding rivers down. In softer steps
Through ancient fields, He drew the world
Around before His father's gate.

The door arose; the door He knew
Would swing aside and enter Him
Behind the veil.

And on He walked, through screams and cheers
Of moments; on, past kindly clapping
Days and weeks. And as He walked that
Unborn wish which owed to move now knew
His father's gratitude.

Through arcs of seasons, rains of crowds,
Jostling years penned by decades resolute.
From book alignment some reached out
To touch His Shoulder or his hem
And at the front

The centuries, through ringing halls
Through corridors of bright applause
He came upon Eternity.

"Well, I know, I know the story
The fall of the sun and the vengeance of glory
So well, I know how the seas turned to dust
And how the known earth choked
So well, I know, I know the ending:
The carriage from its zenith bending,
A comet slung through ashen skies
And burst against the banks".

And when the moon, at shift's end fell
Onto the western ocean and that dawning wish
Slipped off into the last night breeze
At what was asked, the dawn froze hard and held itself
In rictus pink and all the while the Sun implored
'Rethink' and did the boy say:

"Well, I know, I know the story
The fall of the sun and the vengeance of glory
So well, I know how the seas turned to dust
And how the known earth choked
So well, I know, I know the ending,
The carriage from its zenith bending
A comet slung through ashen skies
And burst against the banks.
I mean, Look, you know, I know the ending it was
Not just God but also man
Who clearly needs some representing -
A case I'll take for free and evidentially
It takes a half-divinity to raise
The flag of man aloft for man
And all those poplar trees".

The steeds were armed: a blinding shock;
A ferrous scream; a rubber stamp;
And up.


released 20 November 2012
Made by Ian Crause

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