viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

Reseña en GONZO CIRCUS (Holanda) a Sajjra, Invisible Architecture y Lima Norte Metamúsica

Janneke Van Der Putten & Christian Galarreta: Invisible Architecture
Sajjra: S/t
Wilder Gonzales Agreda: Lima Norte Metamúsica

Aloardi (distributie Eigen Beheer) / Aloardi (distributie Eigen Beheer) / Super Space Records (distributie Import)

Janneke van der Putten and Christian Galarreta explore in 'Invisible architecture' the lighthouse on Île de Vassivière. Resonance, reverb, voice and other sounds are edited and manipulated in an attempt to make the acoustic properties of the tower audible. The result is an album with two compositions that breathe an almost sacred atmosphere. Elongated sounds merge with each other and sometimes little rhythmic sounds appear. At times intriguing, but the space of the tower of Île de Vassivière does not become tangible anywhere. For this sounds are missing, like your own breath, fading footsteps, buzz of attendees, the slamming of a door, the rush of wind ... As performance 'Invisible Architecture' seems to have succeeded. On the Lp are, unfortunately, some remarks to be made. Despite the nice heavy 180 gr pressing the listener inevitably encounters the limitations of the medium. Small taps are not distracting, but on both sides around the end of the composition, the needle frightfully starts to crack and adds its own acoustic peculiarities to the listening experience. If you then follow the instructions to play the lp as loud as possible and to run on both 33 and 45 rpm, you create, in unintended extra hum, rumble in the bass, crackling and other noises, an acoustic experience of your own Invisible Architecture. Sajjra is Christian Galarreta. On this debut album contains some intriguing tracks. The first track is somewhat reminiscent of music from the early days of the Swans and later Sajjra seems to hook up with contemporary sound artist as Laurent Perrier. However Sajjra has above all its own style with its stacked, distorted (guitar) sounds, repetitive rhythms and sound collages where sometimes a song comes to the surface. On 'Lima Norte Metamúsica "of the Peruvian Wilder Gonzales Agreda are seven compositions with experimental music. With known elements such as electronics, distorted voices, sound samples and processed acoustic sounds Wilder models are sound castles without having clear affinity with the music of his Western colleagues. And that makes it worth listening to it.

door Rob Vugs (augustus 2014)

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