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Stellar Revolution or The Creation of New Codes for a Possible Future

During centuries and through the different civilizations, ideologies and religions that once dominated and where dominated ,men have tried to find a direction to their existence, to its place within the cosmos or to its own life. 

Without noticing the narrowness of their thoughts or the stagnation and out of date of their attempts, mankind, even today try to find a explication or a meaning to its own being through the religions imported from Europe or the East with its peculiar gods and texts created by and for people living thousands years ago, also through political ideologies or even through the trivial consume of products generated and expectorated by the mass media to our homes. 

Certainly something too human. 

Once again mankind commits the same error of thinking that the universe is moving following its own thought, its reason and that’s why it waits naïvely for everything to have a motive, a satisfactory explanation to its own short and ego-ist understanding. 

And it`s here were the problem is revealed. Thousands of years of domination, slavery, holy wars, property, pseudo-independence, corruption, injustice and humiliation have all of them the same origin: EGO. 

The ego is a pathological product, an unnatural chip imposed by the dominator system and it should be dismissed from our lives. As a community we should understand it because is the only outlet in front of the crisis that nowadays is going to destroy our home, the planet earth. 

But how can men, up to this point in history, in which the ego has developed arriving near to surfeit, have not stopped or better suppressed such a system error. 

As it was predicted two decades ago the psychedelical master Terence Mckenna, the last western wise. 

“Every time a culture gets into trouble it casts itself back into the past into l the last sane moment it ever knew. The last sane moment we ever met was in the African plains 15000 years ago, rocked in the cradle of the great horned- mushroom goddess before history, before standard army, before slavery and property before warfare and the phonetic alphabets and monotheism, before, before, before” 

 Terence Mckenna
 (Alien dreamtime) 

So it’s not casual that all of the cultures in all the places of the world have in their memories a heavenly moment, where once the human beings, humanity, men and women, were living all in natural and cosmic harmony. That moment really existed and there are scientists like Terence Mckenna o Mircea Eliade who have provide scientific facts which corroborate what today we are communicating in Lima , Peru. 

Certainly our land is blessed by the cosmos in what in what is related to sacred plants cause we have them everywhere and all of the types, even the tourists from many parts of Europe and North America come to Peru searching for a remedy to its insane psique in this banquet of gods. Peru is really magical, the air is alive here, open your mind and you ‘ ll see, maybe somebody have in his neighborhood parks and gardens decorated by amazing floripondios(lilies of the valley) just to quote a beautiful example. 

Really the better of the Andean Civilization have not been lived with the Incas, but earlier. Where, even in the age of the Caral culture, 5000 years ago, the reciprocity, the solidarity and natural fraternity and this concept understood by scientists : The Ayni. It would be right to return to the knowledge of the wise Andeans who thousands of years before Marx or Engels have created a much less oppressive, consumerist, fetish and sick system than the one who reigns nowadays the contemporary society. 

The external trip is also a trip to the inside. 

And there is it : the system can’t operate cause we have inside our brains some quantity of D.M.T, which is one of the most powerful hallucinating substances ever known. So we have to say that without the ingestion of psychedelics you still, can feel the cosmos floating in mind, in the veins and in the heart. 

We already know how does the oppressive dominator system of injustice and corruption which is aimed in destroying of our life’ s this visions, this cosmic sensations , and spiritual communions with the universe communion: through mass media rubbish, tv, radio, press, etc. and you Peruvians know what I`m meaning 

Intelligence, intelligence. That´ s what we have to have. 

The ego is a disease that cures with the frequent ingestion of psilocibine or psychedelics, this is everyday communion with the cosmos. Once the ego is suppressed it would be the defeat of the dominators, materialists, sellers and finance personal. That’s why the do-gooders of the moment, the politics, the cardinals and religious people and the institutions insult the marvelous clarifying and millenary effects of the psychedelics and even worse they blame them of all the evil they have created through all the history. 

Human experience is not having a last generation car, a credit account or having your children registered in the better university. I think living without having a psychedelical and visionary experience is worse than living without getting laid with someone. Nobody could sell you the experience of union with the cosmos, nobody could buy it either. Nobody will be a millionaire with this so we already know why it doesn’t care for the system. But there´s where we start sculpting as a community, as thinking and reasonable persons. 

Art and music, poetry, visual arts, etc, all of them could carry or deliver in their codes these messages which come from the matrix of the universe, from the first and last reality, and is what we showed in the FOSSILES OF THE DISTANT FUTURE, and since we started our meta musical/avant-garde experiences in the 90´s with CRISALIDA SONICA we have been telling everywhere. 

The alternative is chosen by each one, flight comrades in this small three-dimensional planet. 

Meanwhile and to decorate our assaulted minds by excess of humanoid noise, evocate that beautiful nineties maxim: CLOSE YOUR EYES AND YOU`LL SEE. 


Wilder Gonzales Agreda.


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