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Chrs / Sajjra. News. June 2015

A message from CHRS GALARRETA to all who might be interested in his beautiful sonoluminiscences. You can get in touch with him via galchrs@gmail.com. 
Spread your wings!
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Hello People!,
below some news. For more details visit my website sajjra.net
hope to see you around...


11.06. Amsterdam. Radio Patatoe Sajjra (PE/NL) & Suzuki Junzo (JP)
13.06. Amsterdam. North Shore Expedition Fest. Sajjra (PE/NL) & Suzuki Junzo (JP)
14.06. Dordrecht. DordtYart . Site-specific performance "Invisible Architecture", Galarreta & van der Putten (PE/NL)     
14.06  Rotterdam. Aloardi Banquet. Rene Kote (PL), J. van der Putten (NL), Suzuki Junzo (JP), Dj Sajjra (PE/NL)
20.06  Groningen. Vera. Invisible Architecture tape release night. Chrs Galarreta & Janneke van der Putten (PE/NL)
  Rotterdam. "Pavilion … aan het Water"- South Explorer". Sajjra (PE/NL), Jacco Weener (NL)

About  "The Invisible Cage of Comfort" - Dave Phillips & Chrs Galarreta  (cassette Fragment Factory),  read them:
“Face à la bête, deux hommes qui ne cachent pas leur fascination pour l’animal lové en eux. Ensemble (Bâle, 31 mai 2014) : When the Domestic Animal Burns, sur lequel le duo peint une bataille dans le même temps (celui d’une chute magnétique appelée à électrocution) qu’il lutte ; ou séparément (même lieu, même date) : Ecdysis : une respiration faible puis une aussi faible voix de gorge chassées bientôt par des bruits de scanner et de moteurs graves.” Read complete review on Le Son DuArisli
“I expected this to be noisier I guess than it was, as this was all rather subdued and quiet, it seems. Maybe the volume wasn’t up too much here? It made an excellent impression. On the B-side these sounds were also present, but it seemed more torn apart, separated from each other, but also more poignant and working on extremer sound levels, with deep end drones and piercing feedback manipulations. Maybe all of this was a bit too brief for my taste. I wish this was all a bit longer and perhaps it would have been even more powerful than it is now. Yet it is an excellent powerful release as it is. (FdW)” Read complete review on Vital Weekly # 981


Chrs Galarreta, interview by Alejandro Cornejo in Radiodial. Produced by Vanessa Valencia (Lima - PE) listen
Invisible Architecture emitted in Le Satellite #79 (Portiers-FR) listen
Tupac Amarus, video of the installation in Tsonami Festival 2014 (Valparaiso - CL) watch
Sajjra, video live @ VillaK (The Hague-NL) watch
Sajjra, video live @ Casa Nostromo (Santiago-CL) watch



20 June:  Invisible Architecture II, tape release by Chrs Galarreta & Janneke van der Putten in Barreuh records, (NL)
1-10 October:  Invisible Architecture - residency & presentation, Raumklänge, Cologne (DE)

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